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Festival And Celebrations


Since ancient times, human beings all over the world have celebrated festivals to mark familiar milestones in the circling course of the seasons. These festivals help to link mankind in awareness and wonder to the cycles of warmth and cold, light and dark, birth and death, and sowing and reaping within the rhythms of nature. Individuals are inwardly nourished and community life is strengthened in the celebration of festivals.

Festival Celebrations

Green Apple believes in teaching the kids that all religions are one and that children should not discriminate with each other on any basis, hence we celebrate All The Major Festival Celebrations with a lot of pomp and show. Children perform various cultural activities and dances to celebrate these festivals. This way, they can celebrate with their school mates and also get to know the importance of Indian culture and the reason for the celebrations of these festivals. Making them familiar with our Indian heritage so that they can learn and appreciate our culture is prime. They learn to become good human beings and an important resource to the society. They learn to respect their parents, grandparents and the country. We celebrate all major festivals like Holi,  Diwali,   Gurupurab ,  Janamashtmi , Independence day , Republic Day, Christmas , Lohri , Baisakhi , Childrens’s day, Grandparent’s Day and many more. It plays an important role in molding a child because they learn and grasp efficiently what they see.


Birthdays are celebrated as close to the actual day as possible. Parents are invited to join the class and allowed to bring a wholesome, festive snack to share with the class.

The students celebrate their birthdays in a quiet and meaningful way, which may include lighting a candle, saying a special verse or poem all together, or sharing a home-made treat brought in by the birthday child.

Other Celebrations

The beginning and end of the school year are both marked with school community picnics. The calendar update includes announcements of picnic dates, celebrations sponsored by different classes, and other community events.