Schedule for the Month of April’2021

   BAISAKHI:                   14th April(Wednesday)

   CELEBRATION:           13th April (Wednesday)

   COMPETITION:         Punjabi Dance Competition


  • Students  should dress up in traditional Punjabi dress.



The birthday for the month of April will be celebrated in the school  on 13thApril (Tuesday).  


    Activity of the Month:                   Go Green

     Earth Day Celebration                22nd April (Thursday)

Activities : Save Mother Earth related activities like Plantation ,Drawing and reduce, reuse and recycle.


         Good Friday     – 2nd April (Friday)

         Baisakhi           – 14th April (Wednesday)

         Ram Navmi      – 21st April (Wednesday)


      Schedule for the Month of July’2021

       Dear Parents,

We hope that you and your ward had pleasant vacations. We feel happy to welcome all our students back after the summer break.


     Birthday celebration:

The birthdays for the month of July will be celebrated on 14thJuly, (Wednesday). You can share photo of your ward in your respective Whatsapp group.


  Paper Bag Day                                                              12th July, (Monday)

Activity: Making paper bags.

  International Nelson Mandela Day                        18th July, (Sunday)

Activity: Parents can send video of student speaking few lines on this day on 17th July, (Saturday).

  Kargil Vijay Diwas ( Kargil Victory Day)               26th July,(Monday)

Activity: Awareness regarding Kargil Vijay Diwas.

  International Tiger Day                                            29th July, (Thursday)

Activity: Awareness and students can paint their face or act as tiger.

Monthly Activity: Awareness regarding Electrical Energy Conservation.


         Id-Ul-Zuha     – 21st July,(Wednesday)








      Schedule for the Month of August’2021

        Birthday celebration:

  The Birthdays for the month of August will be celebrated on 11th August (Wednesday). Share photo of your ward in   respective groups.

        Hiroshima Day                                                                              6th Aug (Friday)

 Activity: Awareness about Hiroshima Day .

        Kranti Diwas (Quit India Movement)                                      9th Aug (Monday)

 Activity: Awareness about Quit India Movement .

        Independence Day                                                                       15th  Aug (Sunday)

        Celebration                                                                                   14th Aug (Saturday)

 Activity (Grade I to Grade VIII): Students must send video wearing tricolor dress and singing patriotic songs .Video should not be of more than one minute. Send it by 5:00 p.m.

 Activity (Mont I to Foundation): Draw and color National Flag or Fancy Dress.

        World Photography Day                                                             19th Aug (Thursday)

        Celebration                                                                                    18th  Aug ( Wednesday)

 Activity: Click some exclusive photographs of  Flowers, Pets , fruits & Vegetables .

        Raksha Bandhan                                                                        22nd Aug ( Sunday)

        Celebration                                                                                    21st  Aug ( Saturday)

 Activity (Grade I to Grade VIII): Decorating Thali.

 Activity (Mont I to Foundation): Rakhi Making ,  Draw and Color Rakhi.

        Women Equality Day                                                                 26th Aug (Thursday)

 Activity: Awareness about Women Equality Day .

        National Sport’s Day of India                                                  29th Aug (Sunday)

        Celebration                                                                                   28th Aug (Saturday)

 Activity : Students must send video speaking few lines about your favorite sport and Sport’s person.

        Janamashtami                                                                           30th Aug (Monday)

        Celebration                                                                                  29th Aug (Sunday)

 Activity (Grade I to Grade VIII): Draw flute and decorate it.

 Activity (Mont I to Foundation): Draw and color picture of Shri Krishna.

MONTHLY ACTIVITY: Awareness about harnessing solar energy..


         Muharram            – 19th Aug (Thursday)

        Janamashtami      – 30th Aug (Monday)


      Schedule for the Month of Sep’2021

          Half Yearly Exams

              Mont  II to  Grade VIII            – 13th Sept (Monday)

       Birthday celebration:

   Birthday for the month of September will be celebrated on 8th Sept (Wednesday).You can share pic of your  ward in respective groups.

        National Nutrition Week                                                                                                 1st Sept (Wednesday)

 Activity: Healthy breakfast like salad, idli ,dosa, sandwitch or sprouts with class teacher, Awareness by  teacher about nutrition and health.

        World Coconut Day                                                                                                          2nd Sept (Thursday)

 Activity: Everyone will have coconut and  teacher will aware regarding its benefits.

        Installation Ceremony of Guru Granth Sahib Jee                                                    2nd Sept (Thursday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day by class teacher.

        Teacher’s Day                                                                                                                   5th Sept (Sunday)

        Celebration                                                                                                                       3rd Sept (Friday)

 Activity: Make Cards or express your gratitude towards  teacher through   1 minute video which must reach by 8:00 p.m on 3rd Sept (Friday).

        International  Literacy Day                                                                                           8th Sept (Wednesday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day by class teacher.

        World First Aid Day                                                                                                       12th Sept (Sunday)

 Activity: Awareness about First Aid.

        Hindi Diwas                                                                                                                      14th Sept (Tuesday)

 Activity: Hindi Writing.

        International Day of Democracy                                                                                 15th Sept (Wednesday)

 Activity: Awareness about democracy in action.

         International Day for protection of Ozone Layer                                                  16th Sept (Thursday)

 Activity: Awareness about how we can prevent depletion of Ozone layer.

      International Day of Peace                                                                                            21st Sept (Tuesday)

 Activity: Meditate for five minutes.

Monthly Activity: Don’t Pollute.

Activities: Awareness regarding Air Pollution , Poster making & Essay Writing.


        Ganesh Chaturthi     – 10th Sept (Friday)


      Schedule for the Month of October’ 2021

        Birthday celebration:

 Birthday for the month of October will be celebrated on 11th Oct (Monday).You can share picture of your  ward in  respective class groups.

        World Animal Day                                                                       4th Oct (Monday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day , Craft making.

        World Wild Animal Day                                                             6th Oct (Wednesday)

 Activity: Awareness and paint your face as any wild animal . Share your picture in respective class group on 5th Oct (Tuesday)   before 8:00 p.m.

        Guru Ram Das Jee Birthday                                                    9th Oct (Saturday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day.

        World Post Office Day                                                                9th Oct (Saturday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day.

        Dussehra                                                                                       15th Oct (Friday)

        Dussehra Celebration                                                                12th Oct (Tuesday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day , Craft Making.

        Global Handwashing Day                                                         15th Oct (Friday)

 Activity: Awareness about the day.

        World Allergy Awareness Day                                                 16th Oct (Saturday)

        Celebration                                                                                  12th Oct (Tuesday)

 Activity: Awareness by teacher regarding different kind of allergies.

        Diwali                                                                                            4th Nov (Thursday)

        Diwali Celebration                                                                    29th Oct (Friday)

 Activity: Decorating  Diya, Toran  and Rangoli making.

        Halloween                                                                                  31st Oct (Sunday)

 Activity: Share  picture of your ward in Halloween costume  in respective class groups before 8:00 p.m on 29th Oct (Friday)

      Monthly Activity                                                                     Water Conservation

 Activity: Awareness about how to conserve water.


         Gandhi Jayanti            – 2nd Oct(Saturday)

       Dussehra Break            – 13th Oct (Wednesday) to 20th Oct(Wednesday)