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An institution is only as good as its people. It is the people who are its strength. It is the people who help it grow. And it is the people who make an institution more than just an architectural marvel.

Green Apple has a well-established faculty of highly qualified professionals. Our faculty is committed to nurturing and guiding young minds. Their complete dedication to the education of your child is a testimony to our spirit and sense of community. These gifted professionals not only teach, but also serve as advisors, coaches and counselors. Wonderful mentors, role models and friends; our faculty is the true pulse of the school.

They as a team are mentored and trained to provide top quality early childhood education to young children. We focus on strengthening the kids mental and human behavior that allows him/her to adapt to the school, feeling confident and prepared.

We are extremely passionate about young children and the learning process. We are wholly committed in our outstanding programs for young learners which are continually evolving and growing, as we know how they learn and discover the world.

Our faculty is the cornerstone for implementing our philosophy.